When you open your heart & home through adoption, you're making a commitment that will last forever.



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Children and teens in foster care are victims that have done nothing wrong. They have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned, and are in need of someone to love and care for them. Meet some of the loving children and teens in Florida and North Carolina waiting to be adopted by their forever families.

Florida Children

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"With more than $35,000,000 in free airtime to date, and viewer impressions totaling more than 40 million annually, Forever Family drives viewers to open their hearts and homes to the most difficult to place children, teens and sibling groups.” 

Forever Family is one of the most highly recognized media franchises in the states of Florida and North Carolina, and is unique within the national child welfare and media communities. Forever Family leverages several million dollars in free television airtime each year by partnering with Community Based Care Agencies and major broadcast TV stations to significantly increase the number of foster and adoptive parents. Our dedication to finding families for children in foster care, and passion for building awareness, is unwavering.

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Fostering vs. Adoption

Foster care parents provide temporary, nurturing environments for kids and teens who have been removed from their living situation. Foster families who open their hearts and homes to kids in need of care, play an essential role as they search for their forever families. With a growing amount of kids and teens in need of a place to stay, foster care homes are always in need.

Adoption is one of the biggest, most beautiful commitments a family could make to a child. When a family decides to adopt, not only are they receiving full parental rights, but they are committing to love, nurture and parent a child or teen that has fallen victim to an unfortunate, former living situation. Giving these children a second chance means the world to them.
You can be the difference these children long for.

Success Stories

As a result of Forever Family's continuous efforts and broadcast community outreach, thousands of children have been joyfully adopted by loving families. See some of the amazing success stories.



While Forever Family has helped hundreds of children this year, thousands more are still waiting. With your support, Forever Family can continue to bring hope to these amazing kids.


There are many factors that go into selecting a forever family. If you are just beginning your adoption journey, Forever Family will help get you in touch with a local agency. Click below for more information.