Considering Adoption?

Parents who open their hearts and homes to a child in foster care are making a beautiful commitment that will last forever. Although it is an important decision that requires considerable thought and discussion, adoption is a wonderful and special way to grow a family. It is important to practice patience during the life-changing journey of adopting a child. Preparation is key.

Road to Adoption

The road to adoption includes the following steps:

  • Background check;

  • A home study -- where a counselor visits with all family members to get an understanding of parenting styles, reasons for choosing adoption and other relevant factors;

  • The attendance of a 30-hour Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (M.A.P.P.) training. In most cases, the times to attend these classes are flexible!

Requirements and benefits vary by state and county, however, the process is not as difficult or intimidating as it may seem.
If you’re looking to grow your family through foster care adoption, please contact Forever Family.

Benefits of Adopting from Foster Care

In addition to giving adoptable children a forever home, parents will find many benefits that come with adopting from foster care:

  • Affordability: adopting from foster care has little to no cost, versus private forms that can cost upwards of $30,000;

  • Legal Security: children are not made available for adoption until courts have terminated the parental rights of their birth parents;

  • Tax Credit: parents who adopt children with special needs automatically get a $11,390 credit, even if the expenses end up being less;

  • Financial Support: in some cases, a monthly stipend is granted to help cover day-to-day expenses;

  • Free Medical Care: children who receive a monthly subsidy are eligible for health care until age 18 or 21 through Medicaid;

  • Paid College Tuition: children adopted from Florida foster care are eligible to receive paid-for tuition at any state community college, university or vocational school;

  • Legal Benefits: adopted children gain the same rights and privileges as biological children;

  • Community Support: new adoptive parents receive free orientation and access to a 24-hour helpline;

  • Other Incentives: all states provide incentives that encourage families to adopt from local foster care.

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I’ve Seen a Child in a Video, What's Next?

If you have an approved home study, Forever Family will help you submit it to the child’s agency of care. While there may be dozens, if not hundreds, of other families hoping to adopt the same child or sibling group, it is important to be patient as there are many factors that go into selecting a forever family.

If you are just beginning your adoption journey, Forever Family will help you get in touch with a local agency.
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