She's my friend! Everyone, I know Vanessa!"​

"Hi Vanessa. I just saw your pictures posted with Quinton on the roller coaster ride and it made me smile. Quinton is a special kid who can move people into having that type of courage. I'm Quintons foster dad and he's been with me for 6 months now. When he was invited to go to Disney with you, he couldn't even sleep the night before. He's been telling everyone how he was on TV and how he was followed by cameras all day. He loved it. However, I don't think he realized who you were at the time. Maybe like 3 weeks later, Quinton and I were seated in a waiting room full of people when the channel 9 news was playing on the TV. You were reporting and when Quinton saw you on the screen, he just yelled, "omg I took her on a roller coaster ride at Disney!!! She's my friend! Everyone, I know Vanessa!"

Everyone smiled and he shared all about his Disney adventure with you.

You know, it's stuff like these that impact our children and community. As a Volusia county resident, I wanted to I serve my community and help out where there was a need. That's why I Foster care Quinton even though I'm 27 and not married yet. Kids deserve a safe place to live and grow. He is with me until he finds a family who will take him in forever

You affected Quinton positively and I want to thank you for investing the time and energy. I do believe that because of you, Quinton may be a step closer to finding his forever family."


Gia Tutalo-Mote